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Standsome for students

Standsome Studysome 15% rebate for students

Even as a student you should have the opportunity to take a step towards health and sustainability.

We would like to support you during your studies and help you buy your own Standsome.

Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable Studysome

Standsome is perfect for your studies. It’s a simple, affordable and sustainable alternative that allows you to study in a standing position on a regular basis. No matter if you have an online lecture or if you are doing literature research for your thesis.

You don’t have to dispose of your existing desk, but can complement it perfectly with our Standsome. We also know that money can be a scarce resource during your studies and would therefore like to offer you a 15% student discount on your Standsome.

How to get your student discount

1. Send an email via your university mail address to [email protected].
2. Receive your personal student discount.
3. Redeem your voucher in our store and enjoy your Standsome.

Standsome Double birch standing desk converter height adjustable front view lifestyle with laptop indoor
Standsome Slim Black standing desk converter height adjustable with working woman front view studysome
Standsome Slim Black standing desk converter height adjustable with man reading a book
Standsome Double in evening action

Our products

Standsome Slim

Heart and soul & portable craftsmanship: The Standsome Slim is our entry level unit. With a small foot print, it’s perfect to accomodate tighter spaces or customers working with little equipment. The Slim is also available with a wider shelf as the Standsome Wide or with an additional second shelf.


Standsome Double

Elegance & portable craftsmanship! Bigger than the Slim, the Standsome Double comes standard with two shelves for more space and work options. The hand caressing and scratch-resistant coating makes the Standsome Double a shining eye-catcher – and you a healthy stand-up!               


Standsome Free

With the Standsome Free, our mission of a healthy work lifestyle now really comes down to earth. Taller than the Slim and Double it remains portable. It’s an all in one, stable, space-saving and stylish sitting and standing desk. The Free is also available with two shelves as the Standsome Free Double.