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We present : The Standsome

The Standsome can be described as many things: a desk enhancer, a height-adjustable desk, a standing desk and/or an ergonomic workstation. It is primarily designed to help relief work related aches such as pain in your back, neck, wrists, legs, etc. Whatever it ends up being for you, you’ll absolutely love it! The Standsome’s few wooden plates are put together in a matter of seconds without any screws or tools.  It is as easily taken appart to store away or take anywhere you want! 

Standsome Slim

Heart and soul & portable craftsmanship: The Standsome Slim is our entry level unit. With a small foot print, it’s perfect to accomodate tighter spaces or customers working with little equipment. The Slim is also available with a wider shelf as the Standsome Wide or with an additional second shelf.


Standsome Double

Elegance & portable craftsmanship! Bigger than the Slim, the Standsome Double comes standard with two shelves for more space and work options. The hand caressing and scratch-resistant coating makes the Standsome Double a shining eye-catcher – and you a healthy stand-up!               


Standsome Free

With the Standsome Free, our mission of a healthy work lifestyle now really comes down to earth. Taller than the Slim and Double it remains portable. It’s an all in one, stable, space-saving and stylish sitting and standing desk. The Free is also available with two shelves as the Standsome Free Double.


The Standsome is made of FSC certified North American wood. It has a simple shape, an elegant and balanced design, is made of solid and long-lasting material and offers a natural and intuitive handling. The different Standsome models are cut, sanded and finished by professional craftsmen and craftswomen, right here in North America. Its lacquered finish surely allows you to wipe it clean, but we do not recommend soaking it.

When in use, the Standsome becomes a harmony of pieces of wood, zeal, sweat and effort. Being naturally free from all plastic and completely durable, it is Zen. Ultra-Zen. The most Zen … and the most Punk, because the Standsome also revolutionizes office work! It adapts to any desk, any table, any console, any location. It’s light, strong – dazzling. A crown jewel carved from premium North American plywood.

a Standsome for everyone

The Standsome is available in various sizes and designs. It’s also adjustable in height: hence a Standsome for Everyone. With our Standsome portfolio, we bridge the gap between complex, expensive, bulky desks and smaller products that are not very ergonomic and often unstable.

Easy to handle and sturdy, the Standsome standing desk upgrade converts any desk into a standing desk in the blink of an eye, while improving health and productivity.


More than just a desk

Our processes are as transparent as the varnish we use on our desks. We work with sustainable raw materials, offer fair salaries, use short transportation routes and have an open company structure based on knowledge transfer and exchange. Behind the Standsome is a highly motivated team and thousands of satisfied customers.