Standsome for companies

More often than not, the Standsome becomes more of a necessity for productivity and employee health than an elegant piece of furniture. For employees who want to work standing up regularly, the Standsome is a simple, affordable and sustainable alternative. Existing desks should not be removed but simply improved. In the office, the Standsome can be used as a standing desk by an individual or shared between many people. For temporary or part-time remote work, a way that is becoming the new normal, the Standsome can easily be taken home. As an innovative office furniture, the Standsome can easily be placed in, and removed from any workspace. In addition, with our specially designed business-designed Standsome Box on Wheels, Standsomes can be stored in a space-saving manner, ready to be picked up and assembled. We would be delighted to equip your employees with Standsome branded units using custom laser engraving of your company logo and motto.

We cooperate with various companies and institutions on bulk and personalized orders which can be, and have already been used for marketing purposes by many people. In this section you will find information about orders and company cooperation.

Standsome Slim

Heart and soul & portable craftsmanship: The Standsome Slim is our entry level unit. With a small foot print, it’s perfect to accomodate tighter spaces or customers working with little equipment. The Slim is also available with a wider shelf as the Standsome Wide or with an additional second shelf.


Standsome Double

Elegance & portable craftsmanship! Bigger than the Slim, the Standsome Double comes standard with two shelves for more space and work options. The hand caressing and scratch-resistant coating makes the Standsome Double a shining eye-catcher – and you a healthy stand-up!                      


Standsome Free

With the Standsome Free, our mission of a healthy work lifestyle now really comes down to earth. Taller than the Slim and Double it remains portable. It’s an all in one, stable, space-saving and stylish sitting and standing desk. The Free is also available with two shelves as the Standsome Free Double.


Marketing with Standsome

More than clear lacquer

The Standsome is a striking, useful, healthy and popular gift for clients, employees or users. Whether it’s used for trade shows, in universities or as a private office accessory, the Standsome is of great worth with a subtle and elegant reminder of brand and sponsor. With our customisation capabilities of Standsome models, you can laser engrave lettering or logos – company slogans, names, life mottos or a small sign of love for the lucky new owner. The Standsome customized models display an individual touch in accordance with your ideas. They are remarkable, unique, irreplaceable.

Success StorY

How we helped BurdaForward

We asked 3 questions to BurdaForward:

Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable with wide working surface and working woman

How did you first learn about Standsome?

BurdaForward colleagues were looking for a way to be more mobile while working. Whether standing – in the courtyard or in the conference room – the Standsome can be set up anywhere and has fulfilled our requirements perfectly.

A working woman is using a Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable with wide working surface

How did the Standsome change your working day?

Thanks to the Standsome, our colleagues are completely flexible in their everyday work. They can work where and how they want. The possibility of working in a standing and sitting position improves their concentration. It favors circulation when getting up and working standing after sitting for a long period.

A working woman sitting on the floor is using a Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable with wide working surface

How do you describe your new "Standsome employees"?

Typical employees using the Standsome distinguish themselves in their flexibility and spontaneity. They are clever and adapt quickly to any given situation of everyday work.

11 reasons why

How the Standsome can help your company:


Health and karma

By ensuring that your employees sit less and move more, you prevent back pain and eventual long term physical issues while increasing productivity.


Efficiency of existing desks

New equipment and new work opportunities mean recognition – increase the satisfaction of your employees with the Standsome.


Employee satisfaction

Ensuring that your employees sit less and move more, makes their work day more plesant and enjoyable.


Progress and development

With more variety in the workplace, you can create new perspectives and new ideas – and move your company forward.



The Standsome offers unique value in being less expensive than most stand-up desks but also more reliable and stylish.



The Standsome is a stable, robust and sustainable piece of furniture designed in Germany and made in North America with local wood.


Customization and identification

The Standsome can be customized with your laser ingraved company logo and potentially with your corporate colours on more special orders.


Handling the Standsome

The Standsome can be put together in a few seconds and stowed away just as quickly. The Standsome Box on Wheels can be used for storage of units on premises. It is also a clever option for companies to manage space.



The Standsome is your most flexible employee and can be deployed anywhere: In the office, in the lounge, on the terrace or in the conference room – why not hold your meetings standing up and increase creativity and productivity!


Fresh marketing

Use the Standsome as a simple but effective marketing tool. As a promotional gift for your customers or for creative advertising space.


Corporate social responsibility

By chosing the Standsome you contribute to reforestation and afforestation in North America through our Canadian and American non-profit tree planting partners.